Bridesmaid slams ‘diabolical’ British Airways after she received her dress TWO HOURS before ceremony because airline ‘refused to hand over her bags’

A FURIOUS bridesmaid slammed British Airways after receiving her dress two hours before the wedding ceremony because the airline refused to hand over her baggage.

Nicole Park booked a flight from Thailand to Glasgow via London Heathrow to be back in time for the special day.

Her flight to Glasgow on July 18 was cancelled and BA said they could not book her onto a flight for another two days, which would be the same day as the wedding.

Nicole was unable to make alternative travel arrangements because British Airways refused to hand over her baggage that contained her bridesmaid dress.

The teacher paid £553 for the 6,000 mile journey from Bangkok to Glasgow.

She was to be a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding in Troon, Ayshire on July 20.

Nicole, originally from Glasgow, decided to go public about the fiasco after the airline ignored her complaints for eight weeks.

She recounted the ordeal: “I spoke to the BA airport staff and was told I couldn’t retrieve my luggage as it has been put in storage until my flight to Glasgow.

“I explained to the staff that the only flight option offered to me was two days away and I would need my bag in the meantime and was told there was nothing they could do that night.”

Nicole asked for the airline to help her find a hotel but all the hotels were already booked so she slept in the airport in the same clothes she travelled in.

Two months after the ordeal the teacher took to Twitter to get an explanation from British Airways

The next morning she managed to get onto a flight to Glasgow on July 19 at 11pm, the night before the wedding.

However, Nicole then discovered that her bag was not on her flight and the earliest it would reach Glasgow was at 4:30pm the day of the wedding.

Her father had to take the day off work to personally collect the bag at Glasgow Airport and then deliver it to his daughter with two hours to spare before the ceremony.

Nicole thankfully made the wedding, but is fuming at the airline over her treatment.

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