Dallas-Bound Southwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing after cabin fills with smoke

Southwest Airlines

The flight crew announced there would be an emergency landing, urging passengers to “brace for impact” and keep their heads down.

Officials say the Southwest flight left Phoenix but had to touch down in Albuqurque around 9:00 p.m. Sunday after smoke filled the cabin. Upon arrival at Love Field, a family told WFAA one of their family members was injured while trying to jump from the wing.

Two people from flight 3562 were taken to a local hospital, but their condition is still unknown, a tweet from the Albuquerque Fire Department said. The extent of their injuries was not immediately known.

Southwest flight 3562 took off from Phoenix and was headed for Dallas Love Field, but was forced to landed in Albuquerque after what might have been an electrical fire.

A Dallas police officer who was on the flight praised Southwest attendants following the incident on Twitter. The diverted aircraft was held in Albuquerque until mechanics cleared its return to service. After safely landing, 140 passengers evacuated the aircraft on a clear taxiway. Our People in Albuquerque worked to get Customers onboard another aircraft to continue their journey to Dallas. Source