FBI: Passenger duct taped, zip-tied after allegedly hitting flight attendants

american airlines

There was a wild and dangerous end to an American Airlines flight as it was about to land in Charlotte, that led to a passenger duct taped and zip tied, according to federal documents.

A flight from Dallas was getting ready to land Wednesday morning in Charlotte when Charlene Harriott left her chair in the back of the plane and started sprinting for the front door, the FBI said.

Federal documents stated that the plane was just 200 feet above the ground when Harriott ran toward the door.

Out of concern for the other passengers, the flight attendants left their jump seats and chased after Harriott, the documents said.

The federal documents went on to say that Harriott bit, hit and kicked the flight attendants while they tried to restrain her. They were eventually able to use duct tape and zip ties to restrain her in first class.

Federal agents said Harriott caused a major safety and security problem that put everyone at risk.

She faces several charges including assault and battery, but federal officials don’t know why she did it.

The flight attendants weren’t seriously hurt.

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