High-flying couple get married at 35,000 feet on Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Baltimore


A couple exchanged their wedding vows on a Southwest Airlines flight on Sunday evening with their fellow passengers as witnesses.

Renee and Michael (surnames unknown) embarked upon their mile-high nuptials on a flight from Las Vegas to Baltimore. The pair boarded the plane in full wedding attire; the bride wore a white gown and veil, while the groom opted for a traditional tuxedo.

With 45 minutes remaining of the five-hour flight, the couple emerged from their seats and took their places at opposite ends of the plane.

Holding a yellow floral bouquet, Renee slowly walked down the central plane aisle to the sound of the Ed Sheeran song “Perfect”.

Cabin crew on board helped to make the occasion a special one and asked passengers to turn on their call lights to light up the aisle.

The pilot officiated, announcing over the intercom: “They met each other four years ago and this weekend decided to make it at least another four years. They met on a Match.com date – and yes, ladies and gentlemen, it really does work.”

Michael was prompted to recite his vows by the pilot, which read: “I Michael, take you, Renee, to be my wife, my partner in life, and my travel companion.”

The couple ended the unorthodox ceremony by dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever”.

“Our crew jumped at an opportunity to wow two customers with an in-flight wedding surprise,” a representative from Southwest Airlines told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Passenger Skylee Campbell, who filmed the happy event, described it as “adorable”. She also confirmed that the couple were presented with a makeshift cake consisting of straws, toilet paper and napkins bearing marriage advice from fellow passengers.

What compelled the high-flying couple to wed at 35,000 feet is unknown.

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