Nervous flier Kay Burley discovers why British Airways’ Dreamliner business class cabin is a dream

Reclining in a rather plush business class seat, I was holding on tight to my comfort blanket and concentrating on one of my distraction techniques: naming an A to Z of fruit.

I’d only reached ‘elderberries’ when the British airways captain came to say hello.

My fear of flying is well documented and he wanted to make sure I was as comfortable as I could be aboard his Dreamliner from Nashville back to London Heathrow.

Captain Hand was armed with his iPad, programmed with the planned route back across the Atlantic avoiding any pockets of turbulence. His calm, gentle reassurance was suitably soothing.

As Captain Hand shook my hand… and headed for the cockpit, I lessened the grip on my comfort blanket and began to tentatively explore the contents of the rather impressive ‘sleep bag’.

British Airways has recently joined forces with upmarket retailer The White Company to provide luxury bedding and amenity kits onboard.

There were lots of fun things that I hadn’t seen before including a padded mattress topper for the seat, a soft day blanket and a duvet that was big enough for me to get lost under.

No, Kay isn’t naked in this picture (left), it’s just a very big White Company pillow. Right are some of the freebies dished out to passengers

I had several interviews scheduled for the moment I arrived back in Blighty so the second the seatbelt signs were switched off the attentive crew furnished me with a bottle of water and made sure I was ready for bed.

If I wanted to wake up for breakfast then I should let them know. If I’d rather be nil by mouth til we’d landed, that was absolutely fine too. The award-winning menu did look tempting but sleep time was at a premium.

The newly configured club world Dreamliner cabin means all the seats are suitably secluded, but for added exclusivity I’d recommend seat 3E. It’s a little cocoon sheltered from other passengers by the concertina screens the moment the safety briefing has finished. If that’s already taken 3A and 3K are also winners, window seats and you don’t have to clamber over sleeping fellow passengers when you need to visit the loo!

All smiles: Kay is pictured here relaxing in the Concorde Room at Terminal 5 ahead of the flight to Nashville

BA has had its fair share of criticism of late. Sometimes, rightly so. But with industrial action now firmly in its contrails, the airline has invested £400m focusing on the lucrative, premium cabin customer.

New routes have been added and the flag carrier is the only European airline to fly direct to Nashville, one of the fastest growing cities Stateside.

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