‘Russian gangster’ headbutted cabin crew because he lost his phone

Russian gangster

Shocking footage from on board a plane shows a furious passenger throwing punches at a cabin crew member and trying to headbutt him.

The man lost his temper and was seen in a heated head-to-head confrontation with the air steward.

And he outed himself as a suspected Russian gangster when he referenced Solntsevo – the name of a notorious mafia gang and a gritty suburb of Moscow.

The confrontation was filmed by another passenger during the Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv.

The man can be seen aiming a punch at the cabin crew worker, who manages to duck out of the way.

A few seconds later, the suspected gangster even tries to headbutt the air steward while another passenger holds him back.

The fight broke out when the man lost his phone and said the airline was to blame – but it was later found in his possession.

He told the air steward: ‘Where did you put it? I will fuck you up.

‘Let’s sort it out in Moscow. We’ll meet up in Solntsevo.’

But he later denied trying to attack the other man as tensions cooled.

Another video after the plane landed in Israel showed him being physically restrained by police officers.

A police investigation was said to be under way.

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