Upset teen on American Airlines flight receives ‘life advice’ from 64-year-old

american airlines

An upset 16-year-old has received some sage wisdom after sharing an experience on FlyerTalk, complaining about the treatment of an American Airlines staff member.

“I’m a newly minted CX DM and just had a really upsetting experience with LAX Flagship L Access. I just got off LAX-MIA-DCA and it bugs me how the LAX lounge agent denied me access very rudely (said I am not 18/21+) and yelled at me for asking for a voucher in equivalent,” the teen, who uses username b.xiao, wrote on the frequent flyer forum.

The teen asked in the post if the airline’s reaction was considered discrimination.

“…is it discrimination against minors (while I totally understand the legal implications, but no alternative offered, denied straight out)? Tell me what you think. (maybe I got lucky but in the past 10+ visits to FL dining and FL lounge JFK/LAX and AC @ DCA/BOS I had no problem w/ this),” b.xiao wrote.

According to American Airlines’ website, minors are not permitted into the lounge without a parent.

In response, the well-traveled teen got a big scoop of life advice from a 64-year-old woman identified by the handle QueenOfCoach.

“You are 16 and I am 64. Permit me to give you a bit of Life Advice from the perspective of someone who hasn’t seen 16 in decades,” she wrote. “Enjoy being 16. Seriously. Enjoy being 16 while you can.”

“If I could wave a magic wand and get my 16-year-old self back for a day and I had to spend some layover hours in LAX, sitting around a stuffy lounge with a bunch of old people would be the LAST thing I would want to do. Boooooooring,” QueenOfCoach shared before going on to suggest that the teen instead “explore as much as possible staying airside.”

“I would go all over TBIT, checking out Umami Burger because at 16 I could eat like a pig and never gain weight. I’d browse through the shops, perhaps buying a little gift for parents and siblings,” she wrote.

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